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Complete robot system for lubrication of bolts

In connection with the diverse assembly tasks of hardware at Vestas in Ringkøbing, they wanted a continuous production flow 24-7, which at the same time could meet the requirements for quality, safety and delivery speed. The task consisted partly of automating the individual tasks and partly of tying the production logistics together through Industry 4.0 technologies.


Technicon developed and delivered a complete robot system that can recognize and lubricate the many different sets of bolts. The robot cell is an Industry 4.0 cell, where the entire process is digitally driven, so that it i.a. can communicate with external ERP systems – in this case the mobile robots that in the automated logistics can handle both different topics and destinations. The project was carried out in collaboration with the Danish Technological Institute and was the first project in Denmark where a fully digital production base made it possible to utilize robot cells and mobile robots in combination.

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This calculator shows the potentially dramatic impact in savings on a robot versus manual labor over the life of the project.

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Our calculator should be seen as an indication. With each installation, there may be other costs / savings that affect the repayment of the individual installation.

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Total system costs for new automation solution

Average production employees DKK 420,000/year/shift

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Average electricity costs for robots are around DKK 0.5 per hour.

Annual labor costs per operator, including employee benefits

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